Monday, August 20, 2012

GWJ Writer's Throwdown: August 2012 Edition

The Hours

“Ah, back again at rest. How was your hour, Edward?”

“Mister Baker. I am afraid I wasted it with the trio.”

“Not 'Automne' again, I hope.”

“I fear we were a maudlin pack of mules.”

“So are we all affected from time to time. No shame in feeling a bit down every now and then given the circumstances.”

“I would be remiss if I did not show my appreciation for your clever word play, and to note that your own chin seems to be set rather high. I suspect your hour was well spent?”

“A fine outing. Very fine. I may have chanced upon a new Brachyura out by the far smokestack, perhaps a larger cousin of our common fellow here. I do so regret my limited study of oceanic fauna before our embarkation. Alas, I was set on studying the fowl of your wonderful frontier of a country.”

“I'm afraid that birds and crabs are all of a one to me, and better in the pot than without. But I was hoping that perhaps you had spotted a diving bell or....”

“You'd be the first to hear of it, I do assure. Remember the first we saw? We thought it was an angel finally come. But in the end just men. Just men.”

“It was a sore disappointment, to be sure.”

“I am sorry, Edward. I know how much you bloody miss them. In good time all will be set right. 'For everything there is a season.'”

“You are quite correct. A more hopeful disposition certainly waits next hour, for I feel the sleep closing in upon us. Good night, Mr. Baker.”

“And to you, Edward. And to you.”

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